Our Resurrection Body

The resurrection is not the raising of the body as we now know it; rather, what will be raised will be a deathless and incorruptible body.  You will be the same person raised in a newly-constructed body. It is what Scripture distinguishes from a natural body by calling it a “spiritual” body. That doesn’t mean ghostly, but a body fit for living in the spiritual world. Jesus’ body, with which ours will correspond (Philippians 3) was able to eat, demonstrating its substantial quality—having flesh and bones, ye it also possessed other capacities unknown to us at present. Jesus raised body—was capable of wondrous feats, such as rising into the air at His ascension. Ours will do the same at the second coming of Christ when we rise to meet and escort Him back as an honor guard.

The spiritual body will by ours—not someone else’s; we, as believers, will at death, continue existence w/o a body, but with the expectation of the day when we are clothed with the new body that God will give us.

For more details, see I Corinthians 15, which is the resurrection passage, par excellence.

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