My worry is sin
__I cannot excuse it;
__I confess it and seek Your pardon, Lord.
__You have told me not to worry
__but (rather) to pray,
__to thank You (even for this trial),
__to work on today’s responsibilities
__and to rely on You
__for the outcome.
That’s hard under the present circumstance,
__You will have to help me
__to learn how
__to do these things,
So that
__by practicing
__what You have taught
__through Word and deed
I too may be able
__to count it a joyful thing
__when I fall
__into every sort of testing.
May I learn to see the sun
__shining above the storm,
__and by the eye of faith
__discern those shafts of light
__that break through the clouds
__to beam
__knowledge, self-control, endurance,
__godliness, brotherly-kindness
__and love
__into my dark life,
_________________for Christ’s sake,

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