__Where does it all go, Lord?
__Why, I had planned to . . . .
__No, it is sin for me
__to complain,
__to worry,
__to become frustrated
__over “lack of time.”
There is no lack!
__I have 24 hours each day.
__I have all the time I need
__to do everything
__that You want me to do—
__not one second
__too little, or too much.
My only problems are
__knowing what You want of me,
__planning and scheduling well,
__and keeping on schedule.
Forgive me for thinking otherwise,
__and teach me
__how to use time wisely,
__how to slice my 24 hour pie,
__buying up the opportunities
__and becoming increasingly grateful
__for all the time You give me.
_______________In Christ,

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