Lord, it’s not true—
__what they are saying about me;
__You know that.
But others don’t know
__and some want to believe
__their treacherous lies.
What will I do?
O God, You do know the truth.
__In Your time
__and in Your way
__You will vindicate me.
Help me not to be troubled
__over what human beings
__may say,
__knowing that the only words
__that matter
__come from Your lips
__”well done, faithful servant.”
Enable me so to live
__that when the gossip
__has died away
__I may truly hear You speak
__those gracious words
__to my broken, rejoicing heart.
____________For Christ’s sake.

3 thoughts on “Slander

  1. Great poem, excellent thoughts!

    However, you, or NANC organization desperately needs to teach this to one of your own speakers, Mark Dutton who both lied and slandered me privately and publically to the members of Calvary Community Baptist Church, and to this day has never apologized, nor told the truth. Yet, he continues to represent your organization.

    Not impressed.

  2. Dear Dr. Adams….just completed your book, “Is All Truth God’s Truth?”. As always a work giving glory to God and providing me with a great dose of insight. Thanks for all you do to build my faith in God and make it easier to apply His Word to my life.
    I was saved at age 58 and now at 76 am still struggling to unlearn a long life of deep sin and many years of erroneous teaching and preaching received in Arminian oriented churches. I thank God for you and your ministry of teaching and dividing accurately the Truth God has given us.
    Your brother in Christ, Frank

  3. Dear Dr. Adams,

    Thanks for all the books you have written. I am reading “The Christian Counselor’s Manual” and “What to do on Thursday” right now. I praise God for how he has blessed you to be a blessing to others. May God continue blessing you and may He vindicate you at the day of Christ.