For Sale!

That’s exactly what you’d find at the head of this column if things weren’t the way that they are.

“What would be for sale?”

A brand-new Gateway laptop computer (m series) that quit on me this past week—that’s what!

“Well, why don’t you sell it?”

Because, in many respects, I like it and have become used to it. And . . . because the initial warranty is still good. But I’m having to use a borrowed, outdated computer, with a second-rate program to write this, and not being wireless, I must then put this posting on a flash drive, carry it over to my desktop computer, and then send it off. Whew!

“Why not start with the desktop?”

Good question. I can give a good answer, but it would involve speaking about physical matters that an 80-year old must endure, so I’m not tellin.’

Only one thing is needful—pray that the company won’t be forever in repairing it or go out of business as did the store from which I bought it, and—that it will be better than it was from the start (it always was temperamental).


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