Father, I pray,
__take into your family
__this lonely wanderer
__who can call no place, home,
__whose life has no meaning,
__who knows nothing of Your family fellowship.
Help me, by both life and lip
__to show love in my heart,
__to testify to present joys
__and future expectations
__that so graciously have been given
__to us who belong to Your family circle.
Father, may nothing I do or say
__reflect negatively upon our family Name;
__may I turn no on from Jesus Christ.
Rather, use me, if You will,
__to speak clearly
__of sin and salvation,
__to offer meaning and purpose
__in forgiveness and faith.
Father, I pray,
__save this guilty, alienated sinner
__for Yourself,
__opening wide the door
__to Your earthly household of faith,
__and, at length,
__the heavenly home itself,
__prepared from all eternity.
________I ask this for Your Son’s sake,

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