Ah, tonight I shall sleep
__and sleep well.
__By Your strength, Lord,
__this day
__I have accomplished something
It was hard work,
__and I am spent.
__Sleep will come swiftly
__and will be sweet.
Other nights I have tossed and turned
__after failing
__to expend mobilized energies
__on productive labor for You.
__In the morning
__I was more exhausted
__than the night before.
__But not tonight!
Thank you God
__for wisdom and power
__to know and do what was required.
__Surely it was Your Spirit
__Who made it possible
__to accomplish anything good at all.
__Yet, graciously, You have given me
__not only knowledge and strength
__but the satisfaction and joy
__that accompany
__a job well done.
To You be the honor, the
__thanks and the praise.
_____________In Christ Jesus,
_______________Your Son,

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