Prayer, O Lord, is difficult for me;
__I find it easy to avoid—
__or simply forget.
I cannot account for this
__on any other ground
__than my own sin;
__far too often I have depended
__on my own wisdom and strength.
Because I have worked at prayer
__as I have at other tasks,
__my love for You
__has not been what it should.
But I do love You Lord!
__You know that better than I.
I shall take up my pen
__and ask
__that by the discipline of my hand
__You will train my heart to pray.
Help me to persevere
__until my lips daily offer
__sacrifices of praise
__pleasing and acceptable you You.
I want to love You more
__and, in Your Spirit’s strength,
__serve You well.
So, warm my heart;
__keep it from growing cold again
__O Lord, my Strength
__and my Redeemer.
_________I pray for Christ’s sake,

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