“Unbearable,” did I say?
__I take it back, Lord;
__Forgive me for staining my lips
__with the world’s language.
What I mean is
__it hurts—it hurts a lot,
__and I am having difficulty
__bearing up.
But I know
__You won’t test me
__beyond my ability
__to face pain
__Your way.
And in time—Your time—
__You have promised
__to bring relief.
__That expectation alone
__helps immensely.
Help me also to remember
__that others have endured successfully
__among whom, principally,
__was my Savior Himself,
__Who bore all I am undergoing
__—and much more.
__It is He Who sets pain’s limits.
I must try to understand
__something of the pain He suffered
__for me.
__That opportunity makes it all worthwhile
__But there is more in this for me.
__As at no other time I look forward
__to the new body I shall receive,
__a body weighed down
__with everlasting glory.
As I see this
__suddenly, thankfully,
__I realize—by comparison—
__my pain
__is but a temporary, light affliction
__that I can endure
___________for my Savior’s sake,

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