It isn’t more information that I need
__to solve the problem that I face.
Nor have I failed to please You
__because I lack the faith
__to do what You command.
Indeed, my knowledge of Your will
__far exceeds
__the practice of my life;
And with but faith
__the size of a mustard seed
__I could do wonders—
__if I only would.
Keep me, then, from these
__or other like excuses, Lord,
__I pray.
What then, is my difficulty?
__Why am I struggling still
__and not succeeding?
I confess the truth,
__openly, plainly and without reserve.
The difficulty
__is my unwillingness to obey—
__to do what You want me to do,
__to move ahead in faith,
__in the face of feelings or fears!
That’s it, Lord—my problem
__is simple disobedience.
Forgive me, God; I admit my sin
__and commit myself anew to obedience
__through Jesus Christ, my Lord,

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