Father in heaven,
__here in the stillness of night
__I come to You.
I have lived a spotty life today—
__full of ups and downs.
Forgive me for my sin;
__cleanse me from its stain guilt,
__and from its stain,
__and give me rest this night.
Thank You for strength to serve You
__in other things,
__and for growth experienced.
Much has been left undone,
__partially done,
__imperfectly done;
__but some things
__have been done well.
Relationships have been strained,
__others, deepened.
But from it all, in Your sovereign grace,
__may Christ be honored,
__may others be blessed,
__may I learn for tomorrow.
Now, Lord, this night
__protect and bless
__both my loved ones and me
__with healthful sleep,
__to awaken tomorrow
__unstained and refreshed,
__anxious and able to live for You
__more consistently
__than today,
_______________to His honor,

4 thoughts on “Night

  1. Most of these prayers are from a book Jay published in 1979 and is now out of print. It was entitled “Prayers for Troubled Times.” We plan to eventually publish all of the prayers in the entire book.