Light at last!
__The darkness has past
__and the day has dawned
__in splendor!
Thank You God
__that You spoke the word
__and there was light!
Death, doubt, destruction, despair—
__the ways and wages of sin—
__all these, and more,
__belong to the kingdom of darkness.
But I don’t.
Far too many years I stumbled about
__in the land of perpetual night
__before the Sun of righteousness arose within.
How refreshing, how warm, how beautiful
__was the Light
__when it beamed
__upon my cold, ignorant, rebellious heart!
How glad I was—to see!
Now I have been lately floundering
__along paths—old paths—
__outside the pale of light.
Thank You Lord
__for reawakening me to my sin,
__for reminding me of warmth and gladness
__left behind.
Thank You for returning this son of Light
__to the Source of light.
__Keep me from straying Lord,
__________I ask, for Christ’s sake,

3 thoughts on “Light

  1. I saw a web posting by Dr. Charles Hodges late last week that Jay Adams had a heart attack. I was gladdened today when I saw Jay’s poem, indicating that he is still with us. My family has been praying for him. I am currently working toward NANC certification, and my wife and I have both benefited greatly from nouthetic counseling. God bless Jay Adams and his global ministry!

  2. Amen! His light “has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” and God shows us how sinful we are to reawaken our knowledge of our sinfulness and of our dependence upon Him.