My Present Situation

The reason I am now writing blogs is twofold—first, because I like to do so; second, because I can’t yet bring myself to sit and write a book—or even long article—on a subject of concern. I do want to return to publishing books, because there are several subjects not yet covered in any adequate fashion by Nouthetic counselors, and I’d like to remedy that situation.

So, perhaps you could help stimulate me to begin writing again (if you think that a good idea) by suggesting some subjects. Right now, none strike me as something I think necessary and that sitting in my wheelchair I will do well. By the way, I’m beginning to walk with a walker. Doing quite well—once I get up. But that’s the problem—learning how to get up to use the walker. If you have time, you might pray for help in this matter. Thanks to all who have been praying for me. Had a great afternoon today meeting with Wayne Mack, whom most of you know. I May never see him again this side of heaven—so it was a great blessing. Yesterday, I took a slide down a ramp in the wheelchair and ended up on half the ground, and half the sidewalk. No injuries. Landed largely on my head—that’s probably why (hardest part of my body!). Was able to go through two hours of grueling therapy afterwards! I am grateful to God for these facts. Pray that this therapy will be successful—so far I’ve been enabled to walk well with a walker (that’s success). Enough of this for now.

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