Important Prayer Request

Jay suffered a heart attack on Thursday evening and is now resting comfortably in the hospital. Tests are still being run to assess the damage. The plan, for now, is to do a heart cath on Monday.

Jay is in good spirits and is looking forward to what God has for him through this. Please pray with us for a full recovery and for great wisdom on the part of those who are attending to him.

8 thoughts on “Important Prayer Request

  1. Dr. Adams is in my prayers. God has truly blessed me through his (and yours, Donn) teaching and guidance. There are so few people who speak the truth of God’s Word without watering it down or adding their own opinion. The world has been blessed by both of you and may God strengthen and protect you.

  2. Father,

    I praise You that in Your sovereignty You are aware of every need that Dr. Adams has at this time, both spiritually and physically. Please Lord, in Your mercy and Your grace, minister comfort, peace, and healing to him and his family, according to Your will. Thank You that You have made him part of Your family, and that He knows You as his Savior and as his Lord. Thank You, Father.

    A very thankful graduated INS student,
    Brenda Heinrich

  3. I can say that Jay has a continuing impact on my spiritual growth. Over the years, the Lord has used Jay to grow me in an understanding of baptism, eschatology, and of course, counseling. I am very blessed that the Lord allowed me to be introduced to his teaching while still young and in college and I look forward to a lifetime of studying God’s Word with a new perspective and focus. While I have only met Jay once at church in Jacksonville and over 10 years ago, I can say that I do have a brotherly love and admiration for Jay. Jay, you are in the hearts, minds, and prayers of many and I am always thrilled to see how the Lords has used and is using you. I ask that the Lord keeps you strong and healthy and continues to bring glory to His kingdom through your work and love. I also ask that he bring about a multitude of strong believers that will follow after you in the Lord and stay true to accepting nothing less that God’s Word as their foundation and instruction for all matters pertaining to the work of the Church and it’s members.

    With much love and affection,

    Tim Miller

  4. I have prayed for brother Jay. I, myself, have had 14 surgeries on my heart, but never have had a heart attack. I pray for God’s grace and mercy to be on him and with his family. Jay and Wayne Mack have had a tremendous impact on my life and my ministry over the years.

  5. I know what Wayne Mack is talking about — studying nouthetic counseling, for me, was like being “born again” again. Dr. Jay Adams and his books have greatly impacted my life. He has always been gracious to encourage me and to help me understand biblical counseling. He has been used by God in mighty ways to glorify God and to help so many others. I thank God for him. He even read “The Excellent Wife” book before it came out and gave me many helpful suggestions. My husband, Sanford, and I love him and are praying for a full recovery, Lord willing.
    Because of His mercies and grace,
    Martha Peace
    P.S. Jay — you listen to your doctors and do what they say!

  6. Many of us in ministry have been much blessed by the Lord through the friendship, teaching, preaching and writing of Jay. I have often said that Jay was the human instrument that God used in my third conversion with the first being my major conversion (i.e., salvation) to Christ in 1951; the second being a conversion to solid biblical theology (Reformed) in 1955 and the third being my conversion to biblical counseling (understanding the sufficiency of the Scriptures for all of life and godliness) in 1971. Basically God used Jay to change my approach to the Scriptures not only for counseling, but also for preaching and all of life. I thank God for Jay and want him to know that I am praying for Him.

  7. Praying for Jay to be fully healed for God’s glory and to know new strength in the Spirit