I am so afraid
__that I am almost shivering;
__I dread
__what may happen next.
Lord, that is because
__in sin
__I have been looking
__away from Your face
__and at the stormy waves.
Forgive me.
White water and calm
__are the same to You;
__You are the Lord of the sea.
If it be Your will,
__speak peace to the splashing waves
__that they may cease.
But if it be not Your will
__at least speak peace
__to the whitecaps in my heart.
Teach me to fear You, Lord,
__so that I need never fear
__what waves—
__or wavemakers—
__can do to me.
____________In Your Name,

2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. We are praying this for you right now, Dr. Adams. We pray for you speedy healing! Thank you for your obedient service to Christ and his Church!

    Kevin and Fanny

  2. This resonates with me so deeply–perhaps it’s because of where I’ve been in my life or maybe because my given name means “white wave.”