Seventy to Prepare for His Coming

(Luke 10: 1-12;  17-24)

Introduction: What was about to happen was to be big. And Jesus went to lengths to see that it would be known by as many as possible as He traveled along the way. Before, when He traveled, he kept away from publicity; now that had changed.  He was about to reveal Himself to as many as possible—hence these “advance men” who would create expectancy among those to whom they went preaching the nearness of the kingdom of God.

  1. The advance men created expediency by what they did
    1. They settled in a community temporarily where they were accepted
    2. and “gave out ‘samples’ of what Jesus Himself was bringing to the area
      1. They preached the near kingdom—that people should repent, believe and become a part of the new people of God.
      2. They warned against the judgment to come upon the land (10: 9-12)
      3. They healed the sick and cast out demons, demonstrating the power of the Lord Who would follow.
    3. The work that they did was to be done quickly with a minimum of supplies or interruptions (10: 3,4).
      1. No wonder, when recruiting them Jesus emphasized immediacy:
      2. That is the reason why He told a scribe that he’d be without home or place to stay (9:57, 58), another that there was no time to bury the dead (9:59,60)—He was to go announce the kingdom, and a third, not to even return to say goodbye to his family (9:61)
      3. There was work to be done NOW—with no looking back 9: 61,62).
  2. When Christ calls workers
    1. He does so on His terms—to which they cannot make alterations
    2. And often, the work is immediate—where
      1. He changes our plans
      2. Upsets our lives
      3. And expects us to do exactly what He wants—when He wants it done.
    3. If you are called to serve Him, expect such things possibly happening.
  3. The Seventy , having quickly done their tasks, returned (10: 17-22)
    1. Rejoicing over the new powers that Jesus had given them
      1. They were amazed that they had healed the sick and were able to cast out demons—just as He said they would
      2. But He brought them up short, telling them that they should rather rejoice that their names were written in heaven (v.20)
      3. As, indeed, we ought to, beyond any service  we may perform
      4. Too easy to get wrapped up in secondary aspects of service.
    2. And it was also of greater importance is that Satan was thrown out of heaven by their work.
      1. A rapid and dramatic fall in his power was the result
      2. Jesus pictured a cloud-to-ground lightening flash taking place as He described the fall
  4. Jesus rejoiced too (21-24)
    1. Not often that we see this “man of sorrows” doing so.
    2. But the Spirit within Him stirred Him to great joy (21)
      1. That these followers—simple as they were (like babes) could serve so well to defeat so powerful an enemy
      2. You don’t have to be intellectual, extremely wise, etc., to serve Christ—just willing to go and do as He says.
    3. He viewed this as the beginning of the handing over of Satan’s kingdom by the Father (22)—
      1. An event long ago predicted in Daniel 7:14
      2. All of which the OT prophets & kings would love to have seen but didn’t (21)
      3. And here, simple people, following His directions, were in on it all!
      4. Serve Him, and amazing things the world never dreamed of, will be yours.
  5. Their ministry indicated Satan’s fall had begun (18)
    1. Though still active, he is greatly limited in power
    2. We shall see more about Him in another message, and what took place during this period as He spoiled the strong man!
      1. One of the principle reasons for His coming was to undo (lit. ,“ destroy”) the works of the Devil (Heb. 2: 14,15; I John 3: 8).
      2. Here, we see this ultimate  demolition of Satan’s kingdom beginning!


These were exciting times for Jesus and His followers. So, too, can they be for you if, as they did, you are willing to take up your cross and follow Him to the full!

Ed. Note:  Sorry about the poor outline format. I can’t make WordPress cooperate with me. You get the idea.

One thought on “Seventy to Prepare for His Coming

  1. WordPress or no, this is an excellent outline regarding the Lukan picture of God’s in-breaking Kingdom in the first century. It is the kind of sermon which prompts not just bloodless, abstract reflection, but which describes God’s divine action in a way that calls you (trans. ME) to action.

    What a great, encouraging promise is embedded in 3.4,i.e. that through service we can enjoy “amazing things the world never dreamed of…”

    I only hope to live and embody such a sermon…