Why So Many?

“I suppose it’s a fair question—if not, tell me so.  But, why are you writing so many blogs?”

I could answer facetiously by saying that I’m hoping that eventually I might write a good one.  But that wouldn’t be true.

The reason is that I have found such writing free, satisfying and (I hope) helpful.  On that last point, I have had some feedback in the affirmative.

“Why so free and satisfying, as you put it?”

“Look. I’ve been writing for centuries.  But always before it was editors, revisions, delays interminable in getting materials published.  But this—mirable dictu—I can write what I want, without editing, and get it published the same or the next day.  You don’t know what freedom that is until you’ve become a published author.

Moreover, I can write briefly, say what I want, and quit. Recently, I was asked to write something  8300 words long.  That’s restrictive.  I did, but I begrudged the fact that I was being constrained to take that many words to say what I could have said much more briefly.  I didn’t pad it [much]; but tried to make most of the words count.

Blogging is also an up-to-date medium.  If something happens today, I can comment on it and be published tomorrow.  I haven’t used this capability yet, but I’m aware of the potential that there is to do it. The day probably will come.

Finally, in answer to your question, I have more time on my hands now, and I thought I’d use it in what I hope will be profitable to others who read.  I used to travel and speak.  Now, my traveling days are over.  So, instead of traveling, my fingers are traveling over the keys.

I hope I’ve answered your question satisfactorily.  If you have any more to ask—check in with Donn.  And if he deems it worthwhile, he’ll tell me about it.


4 thoughts on “Why So Many?

  1. Read it everyday and look forward to your comments. Keep blogging and I will keep reading.

  2. Keep blogging! I enjoy your brief articles as well as your books. etc.
    They continually bless me with truth from the Scriptures!

  3. And what a blessing it is that you write! There are things in life that should be addressed biblically, but don’t necessarily require an entire book to address it. I have found many things mentioned here to be insightful, encouraging, and yes, even sometimes humorous. Thank you for your continual commitment to serving the Lord and working for him all your days.