Lord, I have discovered
__that discipline isn’t the easy way;
__but it is the only way
__to learn some things.
I should have known that:
__You said,
__“Discipline yourself toward Godliness.”
__But, in my pride, I thought
__that godliness could be attained
__with looser structure
__and less strenuous effort.
Now I know that it is only
__the way of the ungodly that is easy
__(but its end is death).
__It takes little planning or energy
__to travel that road—just drift.
__Lord, I have drifted
__too often, too long;
__teach me how to travel
__the more rugged path
__of regularity, consistency, perseverance,
__as I press forward against the storm.
Give me direction and power, O God,
__wedded to constant confidence
__in the promises of Your Word.
Such hope alone
__can sustain me
__when the going gets tough.
So, help me, I pray,
__unswervingly to following the steady footsteps
__and for the sake
__of the One Who is Himself—
__the Way.

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