Congratulations, Jay and Betty Jane Adams!


This Thursday, June 23, Jay and Betty Jane Adams will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary! I want to encourage you to send a word of congratulations to Jay and Betty Jane along with a brief testimony of how Jay’s ministry of teaching and writing has been a blessing to you. We have set up a temporary e-mail address for them to receive your e-mail at When you write, please help us by keeping the following in mind:

  1. While Jay and Betty Jane will read each greeting, please understand that neither Jay nor Betty Jane will be able to respond to you personally.
  2. You do not have to know Jay or Betty Jane personally to write. Jay’s ministry has touched thousands around the world and it will be an encouragement to both to know they have ministered to you in some way over the years.
  3. Please include your full name, address, and an e-mail address. Some context would be helpful as well such as pastor, counselor, former student, etc.
  4. While we may publish some of these greetings on this blog we will only include your name, not your contact information. We will keep that to ourselves in case we want to contact you for a donation to the Institute later!
  5. Do not fuss at Jay about his view of baptism, eschatology, or whatever else you disagree with him about. That is my job.

If you would rather write to them the old fashioned way you can send snail mail to

Jay and Betty Jane Adams
1365 Mt. Shoals Road
Enoree, SC 29335

5 thoughts on “Congratulations, Jay and Betty Jane Adams!

  1. Dear Dr and Mrs Adams
    Congratulations and best wishes on your 60th anniversary, what an incredible and blessed event to celebrate. Best wishes as you go on in your journey in marriage and in God’s guidance. Dr Adams it was a great privilege to meet you a few years ago in Massachusetts. I have finished seminary and been ordained since then (3rd career) and now that I am getting established at this church I am looking forward to begin study for certification in Nouthetic Counseling. May God richly bless you both.

  2. Sorry guys. I was referring to those who would e-mail Jay at the address I posted in the blog ( Yes, anything you post here appears immediately. I have deleted your comments.

  3. I’m sorry, I did not realize that these would post automatically. I meant the prayer request for Dr. Adams.
    (“While we MAY publish some of these greetings on this blog”)

  4. Congratulations on 60 years!!! You both are an inspiration to many couples that marriage is meant to be a lifelong companionship ordained by God. My husband and I are in our 32nd year and loving each other more and more.
    I’ve just finished my course work w/ INS and have begun my theolgy exam with the prospects of becoming NANC certified this year. God used your course work to answer my prayers. I told God that I wasn’t using His Word very efficiently, and I needed help. The Lord used the NANC ad for their conference that was in World magazine to get my attention. (I have shared this W/ Randy Patten as you suggested.) The rest is history. I have used EVERYTHING I learned in your materials immediately. I was already counseling at my ARP church, so I’m becoming more pleasing to God as I help those He brings to my door.
    Thank you for pioneering the field of Nouthetic Counseling. My life and my counseling office has been transformed through your lectures and books. God has used you to mentor me.
    Thank you, Betty, for being Dr. Adams helpmate. I know without your strengh and support his life’s work would have been diminished. Blessings to each of you on this milestone.