So it happened!
__What I feared—
__or worse—
__has taken place.
All right!
__I’m Your child
__You’re my Father—
__that’s the first and last thing
__that I must remember.
That means
__It’s for better, not for worse.
__You have a purpose—
__You are up so something good.
Help me to remember the crisis of the cross.
So, I must neither fret nor fear
__but search and see
__something of Your sovereign Spirit
__at work in this crisis
__and how You expect me
__to join You in that work.
It won’t be easy—
Help me Lord,
__I pray,
___________for Christ’s sake,

One thought on “Crisis

  1. What a great reminder to me in the midst of a deep trial as I finish up a Sunday School lesson and keep repeating the truth of scripture to myself. The itemized list that resulted in my mind and heart as I reflected on His sovereign Spirit brings hope and help in the time of trouble.