That temper of mine!
__Forgive me, Lord —
__I let it get the better of me again.
When will I ever learn to wait
__until I’ve heard the whole story,
__to respond under pressure
__as Christ would,
__to meet evil with good?
I’m growing, Lord,
__but my growth is far too slow.
Till my life —
__break up the clods of pride,
__root out weeds of selfishness,
__plow under every vestige of stubbornness.
Cultivate me and sow liberally
__more of the Spirit’s fruit-bearing seed.
Send showers
__and storms (if need be);
__shine brightly on my soul.
Then I will sprout forth
__patience and kindness and love —
__and self-control —
__in abundance,
And my tongue will learn
__to help and heal
__and praise the Name
________of the One through Whom
_______________I pray,

2 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Wonderful prayer, Dr. Adams. Loved also your book “Self-Esteem, Self-Love and Self-Image”. We never do arrive, do we! To our knees in prayer, rather than pumped up by secular self-esteem.