I’m tired.
__As I grow older
__fatigue comes sooner.
__This worn and weary frame
__no longer functions
__as it once did.
That I may continue to serve You
__and live the rest of my days
__to their full
__is my prayer.
I know, Lord, that I must learn
__to recognize limitations,
__to choose among opportunities,
__to eliminate excess baggage.
But that knowledge comes hard.
__I am not wise;
__I need to understand
__much more that I now know
__of the practical application
__of your Word
__to these matters.
Forgive me Lord
__for not learning sooner,
__for wasting time
__and dissipating energy
__I now wish I had.
__I see the importance
__of these commodities
__now that I am beginning
__to run short of them.
I want to serve You
__to the end,
__not in a lackluster manner,
__nor in weariness of flesh,
__but vivaciously,
__conserving and wisely using
__all my remaining strength
__________for Your glory,

In 1979 Dr. Adams published a little book containing prayers (Prayers for Troubled Times) that he had written in response to various trials and challenges in his own life. Each weekend we will be publishing one of these prayers in the hope that you will be encouraged to pray!

2 thoughts on “Age

  1. I,m only 20, so young compared to Dr. Adams’. May this remind me how much have I grown before God, how much have I done God’s Will, and not to waste the time given by God anymore. So that in the end of my life I could sound Christ’s saying, “It’s finished (Tetelestai)”.

    Dr. Adams has been very inspiring, for he works so much and continuous for God, bringing a faithful biblical counseling. Thank you for being a righteous model for Christian Living.

  2. Dr. Adams, at my age of 91 this poem speaks volumes to me! Thank you so much for writing it and for posting it. I was just introduced to your blog by a friend and am so happy to know that you too are still writing today.