Matthew 19:27 Revisited

In a recent blog I referred to this passage as predicting the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD since Jesus said that some listening to Him would live to see the event occur.

The next section (20:ff) relates to the transfiguration. “See,” say some,” that’s what Jesus was talking about.”

Oh? How come? Why would He say that some standing there would remain alive until He came in His kingdom if He was speaking of the transfiguration?

If the coming referred to the transfiguration, He would be speaking foolishly (which, of course, He didn’t). Why say that “some” would remain alive until then when He knew that all would remain until the event of which He spoke?

Moreover, the transfiguration was only six days later, as the text points out, so why speak about a period so future that some would die before the event?

Just think!


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