John’s Gospel is a book about witnessing. The word appears over 50 times in it! To testify to something as fact means you are assuring others that what you say is true; that is why it is so terrible to mislead people by claiming to have a witness that, in the end, proves to be false. All false teachers must be confronted with God’s Word that says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness!” Thank God that He has provided through John a true, dependable witness to the facts about Jesus Christ.

In this Gospel, there is a seven-fold witness as follows:

  1. The witness of God the Father: 5:31, 34, 37
  2. The witness of Christ to Himself: 8:14; 18:37
  3. The witness of the works Christ performed: 8:17; 10:25; 14:11; 15:24
  4. The witness of Scripture: 5:39, 40-46; 1:46
  5. The witness of John the Baptizer: 1:7; 5:33, 35
  6. The witness of the Disciples: 21: 24; [1 John 1:2; 4:14]
  7. The witness of the Holy Spirit: 15:26; 16:18; [1 John 5:6]

See John 5:31-40 in particular.

This manifold witness of the Book of John is one of its prominent features. The passages in which the word occurs contain some of the most significant material in his book. If you have never done so, you might want to take the time to look them up.


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