It’s amazing how this blog is getting out into the most unexpected places. Old friends, seemingly lost in the process of time, have now made themselves and their whereabouts known. People that I have met at meetings have made contact, and I’m delighted to hear from every one of them.

But, it’s every bit as good to know that others, whom I have never met, and do not know, are taking an interest as well.

My deepest concern is to reach as many as possible with something that will help them come to Christ, or that will somehow enable believers to serve Him better.

The word today is “peace.” All are born enemies of God (Romans 5).  When they lay down their defenses and surrender to Him through faith in Christ, they come over to the other side—God’s side.  The only thing that an enemy can do is surrender.  You cannot placate God. You can’t “make things right” on your own. You must acknowledge your sin as an offence against Him; nothing less. If you are not with Him, He says you are against Him; you “scatter” rather than “gather,” as Jesus put it. That is to say, you are on His side, working for Him, or you aren’t, but are working against Him. There is no middle ground; no neutrality.

Having found peace with God by trusting Christ as Savior (see other blogs for details concerning the Gospel), you will come to know the peace of God—i.e., peace that He gives to His children—a peace that grows out of the assurance of salvation and eternal life.  This peace also extends to what once used to be worries  (Philippians 4), but now supplants them. By recognizing God’s providence, instead of worrying, the Christian may trust His daily work in his life, to bring about what is good for him—even though he may not immediately be able to see how it could be. On providence, see earlier blogs.

The joy of being at peace with God—with all hostilities ended, and the knowledge that He is actively arranging life so as to bless you—is the most wonderful realization anyone may have in this life. Is it yours?

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