A Beginning to the Study of NT Prophecy

Begin your study by erasing the uninspired “Chapter 5” heading of 1 Thessalonians. Then, go back and notice that Chapter 4 is speaking of the second coming. Now, remember the many times you’ve heard that Christ must be coming soon because of the terrible state of things in the world. Now read on in chapter 5 which, since you’ve erased the misplaced heading, goes on telling you about the “times and seasons” of the second coming Paul has been discussing. What are they like? Not terrible times—filled with wars and rumors of wars, etc.—after all! Rather, it is when the world says “peace and safety” that “sudden destruction comes upon them.”

Something wrong with what you’ve been taught? When you understand that the predictions that you’ve heard are wrong, but that the words “wars and rumors of wars” is still in the Bible, you can’t wait to search the Scriptures to find out what they really refer to. When you finally locate them, using your handy pocket concordance, you’ll see that they are talking about a period of distress that took place a short time before the Destruction of Jerusalem. You will also discover that they are early signs—that the end is not yet—and that they are a beginning of sorrows. Then, you’ll want to know what the closer sign is. And you will discover that it has to do with the surrounding of Jerusalem with armies.

If you get this far without stumbling, you will be tempted to pursue the places to which these facts lead you. Best wishes on your travel.


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