Thess. 5:16-21

Five admonitions to keep in mind.

Paul is interested in reminding new converts on all scores.  So, before closing, he goes over a few items he wants to leave in their thinking after hearing this letter read.

  1.  Always Rejoice
    1. Christians are to be known for their joy—not for being dour (as many think)
      1. You can rejoice whether you feel like it or not.
      2. How is that? Hard to cry and laugh at the same time.
      3. Rejoicing isn’t so much a matter of emotions as thinking
        1. You can rejoice because you believe in providence
        2. That, in some way, God is working things for your good (Rom 8:28)
        3. Even though you can’t see how now
    2. So, it is possible to rejoice always
      1. Rejoicing isn’t happiness
      2. And, therefore, doesn’t depend on happenings.
      3. Something you ought to rejoice about today that you’ve been grumping about?
  2. Pray Regularly
    1. Prayer ought not be sporadic, but regular
      1. When you feel like it; when you don’t
      2. There’s plenty to pray about –our country, your church, pastor,  family, self
      3. Instead of griping, complaining, getting down, etc., pray (as in the Psalms)
    2. God is always listening
      1. It’s not like phoning and not receiving an answer
      2. He always hears—before you speak (and answers—in the way best for you)
  3. Thank God for everything.
    1. That’s how the first two admonitions come together
      1. You can rejoice always—you know God is working things for your good
      2. So you can pray regularly—not just to ask for something—but to give thanks
      3. Even for problems because of what we have just said. (
    2. You can be glad—if for no other reason—to know you are doing God’s will
      1. He wants you to include Him in every situation (
      2. You never have to go through things alone
      3. It pleases Him when you do so

Put it all together for yourself in reference to whatever it is that you are facing today.

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