Job, we are told, was “perfect” (v.1).

“That troubles me.”

Why so?

“I thought because we all still sin, no one is perfect.”

That‘s correct.

“Well, then, how could he be ‘perfect?’ Isn’t it necessary to be sinless to be perfect?”

Yes, and no.

“Not another equivocal answer!”

No. Not equivocal—simply making it clear that the word ‘perfect’ needs to be understood properly.

“What’s confusing about it?”

Sorry to have to tell you—your trusted friend the KJV is the problem again.

“Oh! Please explain.”

Gladly. The Hebrew word tam, translated “perfect” in the KJV doesn’t mean ‘without sin.’

“Well, then, what does it mean?”

It means ‘complete.’


“And in James 1, where the KJV has “perfect,” the Greek word speaks of becoming a teleios person—again, a word that mean ‘complete.’ It goes on to explain that nothing should be missing from one’s Christian life.”

“What does that mean?””

It means that there should be growing improvement in one’s Christian life in all areas.

“In other words, not merely in learning—say, understanding of the Bible—but also in living it?”

You got it! One slice of the Christian pizza of life should have as much cheese as the next—indeed, each slice should be approximately the same in size as well!


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