We don’t get it often down here in the South. So this was an exception. It snowed well, leaving about 4 inches on the ground, over which freezing rain and sleet poured down, forming a crust to keep it in place and the prevent it from melting. Moreover, the sun came out only after three days of snow and ice, so little has melted—though the mail roads seem clear. All-in-all, it was the most snow that I’ve seen since I moved South in 1990.

I haven’t heard much complaining. Not only are people taking it in stride (the shelves in the grocery store are empty of bread and milk, as per normal) but they seem to be enjoying it—out there playing in it!

That’s good to see. In God’s providence, He sent it. Therefore, we ought to appreciate it for the good that it does. Of course, there are inconveniencies, and even some accidents due to the snow—but such things occur anyway, though perhaps not so frequently.

Now, what is your take on the snow? Surely you have one.

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