When You Were Wrong

So often, people respond to others in ways that they wish they hadn’t. What should you do about it when you are the guilty party? Confess that you were wrong, and seek forgiveness. You should work toward reconciliation. See Matthew 5:23.

But what if the person is not around, you never will see him again, is dead?

Sin is fundamentally against God—even when it is also against another person. So you can talk to Him about it the matter, seek His forgiveness, and ask for help in being different in the future.

He knows where the person is and can settle matters in the other person’s heart in His way, even if you are not present. If he is dead, God has already brought His settlement to the issue.

The key thing is to be sure you have done all you can to contact the person you sinned against; then, if your search is unsuccessful, ask God to deal with the matter as He sees fit.

Is there someone from whom you should ask forgiveness today? Don’t put it off; settle matters right now!


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