We do not use the crucifix as our symbol of Christ’s work of salvation. Why? Because, unlike Romanists, we reject the symbolism. What is it? That Christ is still dying for sins in the mass every day. We believe in an empty cross, symbolizing the once-for-all death of Christ. Hebrews puts it this way: Jesus died once for all time for those He is redeeming.  Unlike the OT priest who stood daily offering the same sacrifice, He died for His own, then sat down—having completed the work of redemption.

The OT offering couldn’t take away sins since it was a continual necessity.  The cross did, and did so for all who believe in every age or place. The only true symbol of that work is the empty cross. Jesus dies, rose again, and ascended. He now reigns as the God-man Who, by His one sacrifice brought about His messianic reign from the heavenly throne.

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