Your New Year

There is a new year on its way!


I can’t say that, because I’m not God—only He knows what it will be like. But things don’t seem to be getting any better—which (in my book) means they’re getting worse. They don’t stay the same. I wish I had another forecast, but the weather looks stormy.

So, if that forecast is anywhere near the truth, then what will you do as a Christian? One: you will pray. For grace to enable you to do the right things in relationship to it.  It’s easy to get off track when the winds are swift and contrary to the way you should travel.

Two: You will work like you never have before to stay on top of things, rather than letting them pile up on top of you! You need to be able to continue to give generously to your church, and to be able to meet all special needs as well.  That won’t come if you sit around bemoaning the circumstances.

So, heed the weather report—for what it’s worth. And, of course, in answer to your prayers, God may be pleased to do well in spite of it.

Whatever the weather—let’s endure it in such a way that Christ is honored—not by our sitting around waiting for Him to act, but by obedience to His Word.

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