Christmas is that time when God so loved the world that He gave His unique Son, Jesus Christ. He gave His unique Son—Jesus Christ. The word translated “only-begotten” in the KJV is not as accurate as the translation “One-of-His-Kind” (or unique).

This is important because whose who trust Him as Savior become God’s sons as well. But we are sons by adoption; Jesus is the eternal Son of God.

How foolish to think that one in-and–of himself could be a Child of God.  Yet there ARE THOUSANDS WITH THAT MISCONCEPTION WHO WILL CELEBRATE Christmas this year, believing they are such when in actuality they are sons of the evil one. One must become a son of God by Faith in the crucified, risen and reigning Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Do you believe He died in your stead bearing the punishment for your sin? Unless you do—you have no reason to Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, but a fearful one.  Think seriously about that as you are celebrating—what are you celebrating? His saving coming or your lost going to be forever separated from Him?


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