Falling Asleep

Ever fall asleep at your computer? It’s a lot easier to do so now than when I was a vigorous young man—I can attest to the fact. And, that’s not just because at that time I didn’t have a computer! One of the things that’s likely to happen when you do is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm or something like mcs’iapfu[bnge[r9 bk/gyyouib. Your hand may remain on a key for the fraction of a second, then slide its way along the keyboard as you drift off—with the above results. When you wake up, you wonder whether or not it might have been the most intelligent thing that you’ve written in the manuscript so far [do we have manuscripts any longer since we rarely do anything manually?].

At any rate, you may think that many of my blogs are written while half asleep. Let me assure you that if there are any blogs like that, they’re probably my very best. But when I write what I’m about to say in this one today, I can tell you, without qualification, that I’m wide awake! And mean every word of it. And I think I know what I’m saying.

The big guns in their big church buildings, housing huge congregations, with millions at their disposal to use for the work of Christ, have largely failed us. How have they used their influence? Like John the Baptizer, have they exposed the sins of politicians, and publically called specific individuals to repentance? To my knowledge, NO! What they have done instead is to shine up to them and from that cozy relationship, befriended them—supposedly—to win them to Christ. How many have been won? How have our policies in this country been affected by them for good? Who, in this country of any stature, is openly calling them to repentance? You know the answers.

“But the tea party has made a difference! Maybe something good is happening.” Why did it take a motley bunch of upset people to bring about some welcome changes? Why wasn’t it preachers, and Christian leaders all over the country are proclaiming the truth in such a way that was the reason why the country’s policies are changing? Why did it take the tea party to do what it has done—a welcome phenomenon in God’s providence—but which can have only temporary results because, there was no change of hearts accompanied it and constituted the difference? People were not elected because they were Christians and wanted to turn the anti-Christian tide that is quickly flowing in upon our shores; they were elected by force. Because people wanted conservatism—not because people wanted to see Christ honored, and believing politicians turning the country toward His ways. Why is it that the church—so potentially powerful that it is—has spoken so weakly? We don’t need health and wealth preaching. We don’t need big church, big tent thinking. We don’t need more photo ops of well-known preachers holding hands with fornicating, God-despising, baby-aborting advocates in the Senate and House. What we need are some fearless men who have the clout (as John did) to exercise it by publically calling specific persons to repentance. Will it ever happen? Or will our country continue to drift downstream? Will we continue to offend God so egregiously as we have been doing that we can look forward to nothing but judgment?

At the beginning of this article, I spoke of falling asleep. I tried to indicate something of the stupidity and confusion that results from doing so by punching in nonsense letters. Perhaps instead of a long line of “m’s” I should have used “Zs.” The church does seem asleep to its duty to call men and women to repentance and to faith in Jesus Christ. We need change—but it has to be change that God approves since it glorifies Him. Judgment, throughout history, has been the result of continued, unabated sin in which the prophets call “peace, peace,” when there is no peace. Are there any prophets afoot today in this land? If so, what is their message? The thing to be feared is to think that a change in government toward more conservative politics will lead to even greater lethargy on the part of believers, who will be satisfied with it. We can thank God for what He is doing to bring about policies more in line with the individual’s welfare, but the danger is that we will be satisfied with it. Instead, let’s continue the movement that has begun in this land—certainly! But let’s also do all we can to influence those who will take over the government to bring Christ and His principles to bear upon what they do and say. Let’s call for change that comes from repentance!


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