What Is Your Heart’s Desire?

Proverbs 13:19 reads as follows:

Desire fulfilled is sweet to the taste, but fools hate to turn from evil   (HCSB)

“It would be nice if . . . but . . .”

That’s the fool’s mantra: “If only that . . .” He wants the prize, but is unwilling to pay the price. The price is, as the Proverb states, to “turn from evil.”


Do you desire peace of heart and soul?

Then turn from evil.

Do you desire fulfilment in doing something that counts eternally?

Then turn from evil.

Do you desire the Lord to look favorably upon your requests?

Then turn from evil.

Do you desire treasures in heaven?

Then turn from evil.

Do you desire to hear the words, “Well done, My good and faithful servant?”

Then turn from evil.

Do you desire _______________________________________

You fill in the blank.

Then turn from evil.

The proposition is simple, isn’t it? If your fondest desires mean anything to you, they may be achieved by turning (that means repenting about and actually making an about face away from) your evil ways. Perhaps your desires are not like those above. Ought they not be? If one of your problems is wrong desires—then, turning from evil should clear up both matters. Your desires will change and the fulfilment of them will do so too.

But, perhaps, you are a fool. The fool lives for his desires but they are the wrong ones, and if they are fulfilled they will be a curse upon him. One of the most stringent punishments God afflicts is to give man his desires. Remember the desire of the Israelites for a king like the nations; remember their desire for meat in the wilderness. In both cases, they got what they desired–to their detriment.

Then, there was the desire of the rich young ruler who wanted eternal life, but would not turn from his worship of money to find it. He earnestly desired it, but earnestness wouldn’t cut it. He would not turn from his evil love of money.

What is your desire? Is evil keeping you from realizing it? Will; you miss out on the kind of eternity you long for? Then stop playing the fool; turn from evil!


3 thoughts on “What Is Your Heart’s Desire?

  1. I am always amazed at the amount of people who believe repentance can be acheived without an action. “Turn from evil, learn to do good”.(1Pet.3:11) When we turn from evil, what occupies the space that our evil thoughts, feelings , actions once held? If we don’t fill those spaces with good, and loving actions thoughts, feelings , beliefs, that old evil stuff will soon creep back again, 8 times worse (Luke 11:24-26)- Be Encouraged!

  2. What a wonderful reminder to follow self-examination always with concrete action. I’ve noticed, along these same lines, that the heart has a seemingly bottomless resevoir of faux “desires,” which masquerade for the truly evil intentions underlying.

    “Turn from evil” is an admonition placing the responsibility squarely upon us for real action in time.