If You Had to Choose

If you had to choose, which would it be?

“I think the other one.”

Any particular reason for that option over the other? Or it is it a matter of mere momentary preference?

“I don’t really know? Think I may be as much influenced by color as by anything else.”

Well, it’s good to know that within the fundamental principles of the Scriptures, there are options for us from which to choose. What a tragedy when, in the name of the Lord, so much power is given to another that he thinks he has right and obligation to make all the major (sometimes even minor) decisions in other peoples’ lives—who they should marry; which car to buy, etc.


There are churches like that, where if the pastor says so, no one dare to disagree with him. We operate, instead, by biblical principles; not by someone else’s absolute authority. While there are lots of decisions which might be possible (and biblically acceptable), the Bible teaches that not all are “expedient.”

Think about that for a while. You have a lot of freedom in Christ, but only so much as you harm no other believer, nor make decisions that injure your church. But each man/woman is responsible before God for thinking these things through carefully so that all the biblical principles that are appropriate are applied in making those decisions.

“Yeah. I want the yellow one.”


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