No Blogs Left in Me Today

DSC00600Today, it seems as though there isn’t single blog left in me. I can’t even come up with a subject, let alone get started. I guess there are just days like that. The fact that pain today is at a high level may have something to do with it, but I usually write in spite of the pain that is always with me, and even try to inject a little humor—so I’m not sure that makes the difference.

Obviously, you don’t want to go on reading this non-blog, I’m sure, so I advise you to simply turn back to our home page and take another look at the firm, but pleasant expression on Donn Arms’ face. Now, isn’t that better?

OK, so you want me to say something worthwhile—but I still can’t come up with it. Let me suggest instead that you attempt to write your own blog. Send me a dozen or so of these, and if there is one that we think printable we’ll do so. How’s that?

Well, I guess I’ve filled up a minimum of space, so I’d better say “So long.”

So long.

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