There are many reasons for writing a blog. I have two. One, I think that in spite of old age, I am physically able to do so, even though it seems that it would be difficult to actually produce a new book-length piece of writing. Physical problems, at my age, can “get to you” in such a way that you have to take too many breaks to unstiffen the joints, get up off a chair that seems to be getting harder every minute, etc. Though I think there is still a book or two in me, I doubt if they’ll ever see daylight.

The second reason is that, with a blog, I can have a ministry that I am still capable of carrying on. Since I believe I should minister—in one way or another—until I can do so no longer, this is one of the several ways that I have been able to find an outlet for ministry. There may be others that I haven’t yet discovered, but possibly will yet arise. For the moment, this seems the most productive. INS receives enough letters in response to my blogs that it seems that this is definitely a ministry. So, do two things for me, if you will: (1) pray for God’s use of these blogs; (2) let us hear from you about matters you’d like me to discuss in them.

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