Logos 4

LogosLogoTrans400x127For about a year now I have been enjoying using Logos 4 Bible software. It is not my purpose to do a full review here but I wanted to pause from our regular blogs to rise up and call the folk at Logos blessed!  Because this software has been an immeasurable blessing to my Bible study I have been working quietly to raise the necessary funds to purchase it for our pastor, Bill Slattery. Last week week we achieved our goal so last night I was able to present Bill with his own copy. He was geeked!

If you are looking for a way to be a blessing to your pastor let me urge you to consider a similar fund raising effort with the goal of presenting YOUR pastor with Logos 4 at Christmas. This would be, of course, in addition to the regular year end offering or bonus you normally provide for your pastor and his family.

Followers of this blog will be glad to note that several of Jay’s books are available in the Logos library including Competent to Counsel, Christian Counselor’s Manual, Theology of Counseling, and From Forgiven to Forgiving. The first three are Zondervan titles and are only available in their Biblical Counseling Collection which, be warned, contains a bit of chaff along with the wheat. Also, soon you will also be able to purchase all of the back issues of the Journal of Modern Ministry.

Check it out. Logos 4 is now available in a Mac version as well for you snooty Apple users.


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