Why Write?

Why am I bothering to write this blog?

“Don’t ask me. I can‘t get inside of your head.”

I know. I know. But you see . . . Oh, what’s the use?

“Well, since I haven’t the slightest inkling about what your question is, but you’ve got me intrigued, I think it’s only right for you, at least, to explain what your problem is.”

I guess you’re right. OK. Here goes. I write and write and I sometimes get responses, but they are often entirely off the point. People are interested in themselves—in what is uppermost in their own minds at the moment. They may or may think what I write has relevance to them—and that seems to make the difference in how they respond.

“But you have no idea how many people read what you’re saying and say, ‘That’s just what I needed to hear,’ do you?”

Only generally. So why write, then? I may be communicating with a mud wall, for all I know.

“Listen. Don’t get discouraged. I have a thought.”

Good. What is it?

“We have an archives section to this website with blogs on scores of topics. If people would only read these they’d find something that meets their current situation, I’m sure.”

Great suggestion—and they’re (i.e., the topics—not the people) all sorted out under different heading for easy access.

“Right. Now get back to work.”

Yes sir!


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