Correspondents . . .

I’ve been in and out of hospitals lately—visited a Dr. today, and must see him again tomorrow. Don’t know how much longer this will continue—that’s in God’s hands.

Going through all of this has been a harrowing experience—hence little sleep—which leads me to remark that I fell to sleep at the computer yesterday and—today.

I’m curious how many of you received strange emails as a result?

IV fluid bags

Looking up from the hospital bed, I noticed a bag of blood marked A+ and a bag of platelets marked A- hanging from the rolling bag rack. Concerned, I pointed this out to the nurse, who informed me that since I’m A positive, both A+ and A- would work (ALTHOUGH IT WON’T WORK THE OTHER WAY AROUND).

Now, I suppose I’ll have my A positive days and my A-negative days!

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