We deeply appreciate the letters and e-mail that we receive from you, our students, and our readers.

It is particularly encouraging when you write about specific ways in which we have been able to offer suggestions that help you to become more biblically proficient in your counseling.

Occasionally, however, someone may ask for concrete direction about how to proceed in a case in which he or she is involved. As often as possible, we try to drop a line or two that suggests what they might possibly do. But, mostly, because of the lack of data (remember the chapters on that subject in the Christian Counselors’ Manual?) and the lack of time, it is impossible to little more. I know how frustrating to both of us that can be. Yet, people’s lives before God are too important for us to give incorrect or inadequate concrete directions apart from the data and the care necessary to do so.

“Why bother to write, then?” you might ask. Good question. The simple answer is—we are helped exceedingly to know of the service for the Lord in which you are engaged, and the fact that you are confident enough in our ministry to write.

So keep the letters (i.e. e-mail) coming. We’ll answer whenever possible; but don’t expect us to write a book!

Blessings in all you are doing for the Lord—and for His people!


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