Fourth of July

Is there a fourth of July in England?

“Of course not—that’s our independence from England celebration. What a silly question!”

Not so silly as your answer!

“How so?”

Every country has not only a first, second, third, and also a fourth of July!

“Oh! I get it.”

Words are used differently, at different times by different people. To a Brit, the fourth is simply the fourth; to an American patriot (if there still are any), the fourth is Independence Day.

“Tough on them—they not only lost us, but the lost the opportunity to shoot off fireworks.”

But they wouldn’t be shooting off fireworks if they were able to keep us from seceding.

“Tough on them.”

Well, they do have something that’s called Guy Hawks Day on which they burn bonfires. I used to know all about it, but I’ve forgotten. It has something to do with an attempt to blow up a building, I think. I believe it was unsuccessful.

“Well, the thought about using words differently in different contexts is important anyway. Thanks for the jab.”


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