“How do you prepare and write a blog regularly?”

I have found two ways that enable me to regularly prepare for this column:

  1. to deal with a current (or perpetual) problem to which people need to find some solution
  2. to sit down at the computer and begin to write. Most of the time that triggers a topic and then—off I go!

“Do you ever head in on direction and then end up going in another one?”

Sometimes. But, usually, as soon as I strike my major theme, I’ll continue with it until the end.


I admit that I do unintentionally leave typos now and then—I never learned to type correctly—have my own system. But it will cause me to make a number of mistakes that I have to go back and correct [there were 2 in this line]. Most typos come from the fact that I write during time that I’ve snatched away from something else. So I may fail to take the time to go back and check for them [3 in this line!].

“How did this blog begin?”

The second way. I just began to write, and out it came. The word “prepare” appeared and I was off with the blog.


Writing stimulates writing. That’s the best way to get going—You put something down, and, first thing you know, you’re off. Simply striking a key can do it too. But, I must admit, it’s getting harder. Because of poor circulation, my finger tips are numb, so it feels weird.



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