The last book of the Old Testament ends with the word “curse.”

“Didn’t know that. Have you any idea of what that is all about?”

Sure. It’s looking forward to the judgment of His people if they don’t respond to John the Baptist’s coming in the future.

“Did it happen?”

Because of the total lethargy of the people about their faith, their disbelief, and their wickedness, God warned them of a great and terrible Day coming in the future in which He would strike the land with a curse. If they refused to return to the faith of their believing fathers, it was inevitable.”

“But did it happen?”

Jesus, the passage says, rose like a sun shining brightly to help heal people of their wickedness. He came, lived a perfect life, and died in the place of guilty sinners who did return to that faith. So the message of Malachi wasn’t all negative.

“But did it happen?”

It most certainly did! John baptized lots of people most of whom went back to their old ways, just as they did in his predecessor, Elijah’s, day. Some, of course responded, but the majority didn’t. So, in 70 AD the most terrible destruction of life occurred in Jerusalem when it was packed with visitors to a festival and destroyed by the Roman army. Over a million died.

“So it happened then!”

It most certainly did. And a similar—perhaps even worse—destruction may someday come upon us if preachers don’t proclaim the gospel faithfully and people don’t repent sincerely.


You betcha.”

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