Interesting Results

Well, this has been both a profitable exercise and a failed experiment. First, the survey results have been most instructive and we are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to respond. We will be leaving the survey up throughout the weekend so if you have not yet responded please help us out and do so. I will share some of the results next week.

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The failed experiment has been opening up “comments.” You will note that we have not posted any as it seems leaving the door open has let the bugs in. I did not know spam bots were out there searching for blogs. So far I have learned where I can obtain pharmaceuticals which will make me smart, energetic, lose weight, grow hair, more virile, less sad, and even smell better. I have learned that I have won three different Irish lotteries and that there are at least seven different widows of Nigerian bankers who want to give me money. Then, of course, there are all those who have an ax to grind with Dr. Adams about psychology and their various “mental illnesses.”

So, we will leave the comments turned off and continue to provide a “feedback” link at the end of each posting. We will receive your e-mails that way without the hassle of plowing through all the spam.

Finally, it seems I had misunderstood where Jay was headed this week. I received the folllowing from him earlier today:

Cabin in the north woods?  Only wish it were so!

I’m stuck in a motel-type room studying the book of Zechariah all day long in Gatlinburg TN while Betty Jane works away for three days in painting classes. The chairs afford little better sitting comfort than an old, hard, board.  The food is abysmal (sausage biscuits are the highlight!) and there isn’t even a fridge in the room.

Don’t you believe all you read. Donn sure heard me wrongly.

But the study is coming well – in spite of everything.  And the preliminary painting I’ve seen looks good.


It’s all worthwhile.

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