“I Never Talk About Religion or Politics”

That’s what you hear people say. But times have changed; now all people want to talk about is politics.

It isn’t as popular, however, to talk about religion today—unless derogatorily. Frankly, I hope the era of excessive talk about politics will soon recede and men and women will once again talk about religion. There once was a time, older people told me, when, after a Dwight L. Moody campaign in Baltimore, streetcars filled with people singing hymns could be found rolling along throughout the city. It was because Moody suggested that something be done to reach sailors at the harbor of Baltimore, that Port Mission was formed—a mission at which I worked one time, evangelizing young children, and out of which we held street meetings for the populace. There was a day, then, when religion—not just any religion but the religion of Jesus Christ—was a chief matter of discussion. May such times reappear!

What can you do to help that transformation of this secular country to take place? You can begin to speak more about Christianity wherever you are. Things have changed so that in many communities people don’t even know their neighbors. They are isolated from them at times when they can simply talk. People used to sit out on their porches on a summer evening, visiting and chatting with each other. Now, they spend time in front of an HD wall TV in air-conditioned comfort. Progress? Electronically? Yes. Socially? No. What came naturally, yesterday, must be done deliberately today. It is necessary to “make time” to do what just “happened” in past eras.

So, what shall we do? Well, it will take creative new ways to bring about what once were “givens.” It will mean thought, effort, and dedication if we are ever to bring about conditions where people, in mass, begin to congregate around discussions of the faith. Perhaps you can be a catalyst in your community. For starters, you can talk more to more people in more places about Jesus Christ. Perhaps you can become a “community organizer”—not for some political cause—but for the Lord!

2 thoughts on ““I Never Talk About Religion or Politics”

  1. Dr. Adams spoke in Lenox, Massachusetts in the early 1970s at Berkshire Christian college. After that experience my Lens on life was changed.

  2. Love your idea to be a “community organizer”. Here in the UK Missional Church is just that! Trouble is, and it’s very troubling, that the Missional Church is almost always devoid of sound doctrine and the gospel. It ends up being a bit like “let’s be nice to everybody, and eventually they will realise we are so nice because we are Christians and then they will want to be Christians too”! For an excellent assessment of Missional Church, read Missional Misfire article by Kevin DeYoung on The Gospel Coalition website. Time for a radical response to our western culture both in method and message! May God raise up godly people who embrace both! It’s an army that’s needed because of the blatant hostility towards God and biblical truth! Not for the faint-hearted.