Well, we’ve had another hatch—it seems like a large one too.

“What are you talking about?”

Our annual hatch of Ladybugs.


Yes, Ladybugs, of course. It’s the season around here.

“What is the problem with that?”

Nothing. Ladybugs do good—they eat aphids, etc., which, in turn, ruin your roses.

“That sounds like a plus—why are you complaining?”

I wasn’t complaining. I just happened to look up, and there was one crawling up the screen on the outside of the window.


Well, sometimes, they crawl up the inside as well!


They don’t seem to do any damage—just a bit annoying when you squash one under your finger when trying to type.

“Sounds like an infestation.”

Not really that bad. The interesting thing is their seeming lack of purpose. They travel up one side of the window and down the next…and keep on doing so over and over again. It all seems so purposeless.

“Must have some purpose.”

I suppose so. But I don’t see it. Yet, they do offer me a fine opportunity to picture man without Christ.


Such people, as busy as ladybugs—who exert a lot of energy perpetually pursuing some routine—seem to be getting nowhere.

“You’re going to write a new sort of Ecclesiastes?

No, one is quite sufficient!

Just wanted to mention the fact that life is truly without purpose for so many whose goals—if they exist at all—is to make money, get a few things they desire, take interesting vacations, and so on. All of which take them up and down the window.

“You mean, living purposelessly?”

Something of the sort. They expend all this energy, yet where are they going?

“To hell?”

Well, that’s the ultimate destination of so many. But if one comes to faith in Christ, believing that He died for his/her sins, he can be forgiven and, then, the destination becomes heaven.

“Yeah. And then, they begin to travel purposefully—with a road map for where to go and how to get there.”

You mean . .

“Right. I mean the Bible.”

True. The true end to a purposelessness life.”

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