God Knows Why

“There must be a reason.”

There always is. And, in this case there’s no difference in that regard.

“Well I, for one, am getting prepared—as much as I can be under such circumstances.”

Me too.

“How are you doing so?”

Pretty much the way everyone else is—except for one very great difference.

“What’s that?”

I’m talking earnestly to the Lord about it; and I’m sure that whichever way it goes, He’ll work things out in such a way that they’ll be for the good of those who love Him. After all, He called us, and put us in this situation, for some purpose.

“I know Paul wrote to that effect in Romans 8:28, so it must be true. But, I’ll tell you, it’s hard to see how it will happen in this case.”

I agree. Things look pretty bleak. And, if I were the one who had to work them out for good, I haven’t the slightest idea about how I’d go about doing so.

“But you don’t, fortunately.”


“So, having put it in His hands, we’ll wait to see what happens.”

Are you sure that you’ve done all that God expects you to do at this point?

“So far as I can see, Scripturally speaking, yes.”

So, I agree; we wait and see.

“And then—whether or not it looks like it will immediately be a pleasant outcome or not—we will accept it thankfully.”

That’s the way I understand His providential care to work out.

“Right. But it doesn’t mean that we’ll necessarily like it—at least, at first. Or understand His reasoning behind it.”

Yeah. Yes. We simply have to tank Him for whatever He’s doing, and wait to see what it is.

“Well, I’ve appreciated you taking the time to talk it over, anyway.”

Always happy to do so.


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