I’ve Had It Happen Too Often!

“What are you talking about this time?”

Thinking I had a verse all tacked down only to discover that someone else has interpreted it differently and . . . and I think rightly!


Well, over the years, it’s taught me one lesson, at least.

“What’s that?”

To sit loosely upon an interpretation until you are absolutely sure that it is correct. And then—be sure that you’ve covered the waterfront of views out there so that you will not have omitted one that might change your thinking.

“Hmmm. What should this mean to me—a layman—who knows little about exx . . exogetics . . .or whatever you call it?”

Exegesis is the word.

“Yeah. But how about it—what should that mean to me?”

It means you will have to get some very good commentaries and try to follow those that you trust most after using them for a while.

“Sounds fine, but how do I determine which commentaries are best? Don’t I need to be able to exegete (did I get that right?) in order to do so? And that sounds like running around Robin’s barn.”

Well, yes, that can be a dilemma. The best suggestion I have is to take the time to sit down with your pastor and have him suggest some basic commentaries with which to begin.

“OK. That could help. But how can I be sure he’s leading me rightly?”

Now, there you do have a dilemma. But you chose to listen to him (I hope) because you believed he is biblical, you’ve been basically satisfied with explanations of passages he’s given, etc. That’s the best I can do to help you—short of sitting down with you myself.

“Will you?”

Would like to, but I think it would be wrong not to pursue the matter with the pastor first, don’t you?

“I guess you’re right.”

Let me know how it turns out

“Will do.”


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